A Monthly Ongoing Teaching Series


The Master Class Series is a  Monthly LIVE Workshop Event.

Master Class 2

The Nature of Duality... The Paradox of Oneness

Join me as we five into this powerful and revealing workshop designed for spiritual explorers ant all stages of the journey. Whether this is your first workshop experience or you have been a student of personal growth for 30 years, there will be a-lot to be gained from soaking up this teaching from beginning to end. We will explore and develop the premise of duality, the realms of separation and of Yin and Yang. This realm seems  filled with apparent contradictions and nonsensical occurrences, waves of chaos. When with a bit of training we see the theater of this realm ( M.E.S.T.) revealing to us the story of our own lives as told through the characters in our world. Life as a streaming metaphor for our state of being in the moment.

This Master Class will Cover:

  • What is duality?
  • What is oneness/ non duality?
  • Do they occur here together?.. if so how?
  • What is Maya?
  • Do I effect or create duality?
  • How will grasping these insights improve my life?

As we all gain insight into the nature of duality, we  are able to navigate through the limitless possibilities of our existence and the appearance of chaos and SEE ( perceive) the eternal dance of yin and yang clearly as we ascend, awakening  to the sacred unity (oneness) that rests quietly waiting for us  to notice. This experience shifts everything in your life into deeper and lasting universal harmony.  To realize order instead of disorder, to see your life and it's purposeful journey will reveal the deepest hopes and dreams that you are here to experience. Don't miss this one.

Join Us Live on
Saturday December 1st, 2018
@ 10am - 3pm ET
(includes 1 Hour Lunch Break)
for this 4 Hour Audio Visual Experience


*You can attend these LIVE workshops by phone or have a visual experience online through your computer.
Long Distance charges may apply to phone participation depending on your phone plan. A Recording will be Supplied

Since 1988, Christopher has been reaching the world with his experience of the Eternal Teachings (The Original Way). He has shared this teaching as a lifestyle that promotes the natural and inevitable transcendence of self limiting precepts and ideas, as it reveals to each of us the true nature of self, God, reality and the journey as consciousness exploring limitless creativity.
With an extensive background in Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Languages, Secret Societies, the Original Mystery School Teachings, World Religions, Nutrition, Exercise, Martial Arts and Yoga, as well as being a specialist in The Power of Sound, Christopher is well versed, deeply experienced and quite capable of walking with you through the breakthrough you've been looking for.
Highly clairvoyant and clairaudient since childhood, Christopher feels that these and other abilities, while blessed gifts, are merely byproducts of his conscious union with the One Source that we are all a part of and inseparable from.

To those who want to accelerate their spiritual evolution, Christopher says The journey is simple, the way is clearly revealed and the only prerequisite is that you have the curiosity and courage to adventure beyond what you now know. It's time for a direct, common sense spiritual life. The great adventure into the spiritual frontier awaits us all”.

"This is the path I am on, wanting to re-member my reason for being here and re-claim my Spiritual power. I'm happy to have found Christopher. "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." I'm excited to learn that the ringing in my ears is something that I should embrace and listen to! What a great place to expand awareness!" - P. Miller 

"Being part of this community and receiving the teachings has allowed me to meet myself at a deep place within hat allows for a joyous life! I highly recommend!" - Sandy B. 

"I attended a retreat taught by Christopher a few weeks ago! It was a great experience and very mind twisting. I highly recommend Christopher whether you are a newbie or far along on your spiritual path. Great speaker!" - Patty M.

"So glad to become a part of the Blue Star Community. Since taking 2 workshops recently my life has been changing in ways that are challenging but positive. I AM becoming more connected to inner truth and purpose." -  Mary H.

"Embracing Your Mystic Being... Wow... Wow... Finally here you are... Thank you " -  Dana P.

"It truly was a blessing for me to meet and have a session with Christopher. I don't think anyone has ever given me so much. Thank you again Christopher, for all you do and all you give!! Know that you have changed one more life... " - Sharon R.

"Want to send you words of thanks for the teachings you have provided me, from Sound Energy Dynamics and the Mystery School. They are taking form in my life more and more each day as I proceed down this corridor of awakening.

It is like the Eternal Teachings you share with most sessions.... This can not be told to us it must be realized. As I have more peace in my life, the old ways of misery that I brought to it are falling away. I had a trippy experience of what I think was the Akashic records. I was totally awake and when I closed my eyes I saw hundreds of people/souls coming and going. Some I recognized some I didn't. When I would open my eyes I saw this dimension and when I closed my eyes I returned to that vision. Cool and no big deal at the same time. Again, Thank you for your profound dedication to the planet and humanity's evolution" -  Kathy S.

"I have been a seeker since I have been in my teens. I have explored and participated in many different things including The Landmark Forum (and prior to that the Est Training), Tibetan Buddhism, The Work of Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle’s teachings and I have read many excellent books on spirituality and the nature of the Universe.

While many of these were remarkable and life altering in many respects, I was still left with the feeling “something is missing”. There were clearly parts of the puzzle missing and it was frustrating to me. Very quickly after immersing myself in Christopher Tim’s teachings 5 years ago, I FINALLY felt the missing puzzle pieces had emerged. I can honestly say the search is over. Christopher, through his words and very being, gave me the experience of Oneness. Words cannot actually capture the experience I now have of myself and life itself. And the greatest part is that this experience is permanent." - Stephanie C.

"I wish to endorse Christopher Tims for those people who want to simplify their lives and be emotionally relaxed. My experience of Christopher over the last 18 months is of a man who is humble, compassionate and loving." -  Jack D.

"My experience with Christopher Tims has been wonderful. His teachings bring a sense of comfort and groundedness to me. Since working with him, I feel like I have a partner in the big and small picture of life. I find him compassionate, extremely knowledgeable, funny and caring."Allison L.

"I found Christopher Tims and his teachings refreshing and relevant for today. Christopher has the rare gift of teaching life from any religious perspective "without being religious". Life renewal is what you can expect when you go to any of his many lectures with a variety of subject matter." - Ronald B.

Terms and Conditions: Due to the live format of this event and downloadable nature of the teaching replays, all sales are final. All materials are the copyright of Christopher Tims and the Order of the Blue Star

Disclaimer:  All of the communication put forth by Christopher Tims is for educational purposes only, and to offer you inspiration for your spiritual growth. It is in no way intended to address any health concerns, medical issues, financial matters, or psychological conditions. Please consult with professionals in those fields for such concerns.  
© 2018 Christopher Tims

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